Tenement Stairwell Flooring

Veitchiflor What is it?

Manufactured and installed exclusively by Veitchi, Veitchiflor is a hard wearing, seamless or decorative composition flooring designed specifically for stairways and common areas.

Available in a range of colours, it is an established and proven floor covering which encompasses the performance requirements specific to stairs, without the need for seams, cuts or joints. Veitchiflor is suitable in both new and old buildings and can be applied to traditional stone staircases, pre-cast or in-situ units. Timber stairs can also be covered providing they are sound and secure. Veitchiflor completely covers old, worn, broken stairs to provide an attractive, safe, durable surface which will give years of service.


Veitchiflor is manufactured from an exclusive blend of minerals, fillers and colour pigment gauged with a binding/setting solution.


A broad selection of colours is available within our standard colour range. However our individual, in-situ approach to blending and installation means we can create effects to compliment or match individual schemes and requirements using slight variations in marble percentages and colour combinations.


Veitchiflor is applied in three main stages:

  • Primer – applied to old or new concrete.
  • Regulating layer – removes subfloor irregularities and provides a base to nosings, high definition strips, matwells, blocks and bull nosed treads.
  • Topcoat – provides a decorative “marble effect” floor finish from either our standard range of colours or alternatively a blend of your own choice.
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Advantages of Veitchiflor

  1. Durable
    In use in the UK since 1955, there are many examples of Veitchiflor stairs in high density traffic commercial situations.
  2. Value
    The flooring system is long lasting. There are examples of Veitchiflor installations which were first laid over 40 years ago.
  3. Sustainability
    The Veitchi Clean system, using Veitchi’s unique renovation service, can extend the lifespan of a Veitchiflor installation well beyond that of some other flooring systems.
  4. Accessible
    The system allows occupiers full access with stairways remaining open during installation. Over 75% of installations have been carried out in tenanted buildings.
  5. Versatile
    The product is installed by our directly employed, skilled tradesmen. The system incorporates coved skirtings, stringers and landing margins within the main body of the floor and a seamless finish around balusters, service pipes and other through-floor penetrations.
  6. Safety
    Clear definition to the edge of steps offers additional assistance to the visually impaired. Integral nosing strips reduce the hazard of loose or defective nosings.
  7. Noise Reduction
    Impact and airborne sound are reduced due to overall floor thickness and the density of underlay which isolates the decorative surface layer from the subfloor reducing the direct transference of sound.
  8. Ease of Maintenance
    Coved junctions prevent an unsightly build up of dust, debris and cleaning fluids. Monolithic skirtings, stringers and landing margins reduce future painting and decorating costs. Seamless construction prevents moisture ingress and de-bonding from subfloor. Regular cleaning with the recommended maintenance products will help retain appearance.
  9. Range of Colours
    A separate colour chart demonstrates our twelve marbled colour-ways. Special colours can be produced and this should be discussed with our technical staff.

Technical Data

Veitchiflor TopcoatNormal Average 6mmApprox. 7.8kg/m² at 6mm
Veitchiflor UnderlayNormal Average 13mmApprox. 20km/m² at 13mm