Veitchi Guard

Conductive Flooring


Conductive Flooring

Manufactured and installed exclusively by Veitchi, VeitchiGuard Conductive Flooring is a jointless composition designed for use in buildings where explosives are processed or stored.

Approved by the Ministry of Defence, it is suitable for use in cartridging units, detonator units, magazines and powder stores. Due to its chemical resistance, it is suitable for production areas.

Features of Veitchiguard Conductive Flooring

  • SAFETY – Spark resistant, slip resistant, even when wet


  • CONDUCTIVITY – Complies with British Standards Institute requirements


  • APPLICATION – Jointless and cold laid, avoiding the dangers associated with hot applied applications.


  • DURABLE & VERSATILE – Lightweight, non-dusting, resilient. The surface can be left smooth or textured depending on requirements. May be laid to falls, to make up extra thickness and to form coves and upstands.


  • TOXICITY – Non toxic both during and after installation Technical Data


  • EASE OF MAINTENANCE – Repairs can be carried out without any loss of conductivity where machines are moved and sections of floor then need reinstated.


  • CONSISTENCY – All components of Veitchiguard are blended and prepackaged under factory conditions, which eliminates errors associated with batching on site.


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