The Fubar Nightclub, Stirling

  • Duration
    3 Weeks
  • Location
  • Client
    The Fubar Nightclub
  • Subfloor Preparation

The Fubar approached Veitchi Flooring, having worked together previously – looking for a quick, effective solution. They required a durable system to be installed throughout the club within a tight timescale following government announcements of clubs reopening post-Covid.

The existing flooring was worn out,  had lost slip resistance and had presented health and safety issues on the dancefloor.

Due to the tight timescales, we increased squad size to increase output. Additionally a core selection of MMA systems was suggested for rapid installation times.  To avoid disruptions areas were closed off for prolonged periods.

The work was completed in two phases, upstairs and downstairs, to allow for a phased reopening. Numerous trades had to be in one area at the same time. Continuous communication was imperative to ensure minimal disruption to works involving multiple existing finishes, different substrates, etc. – including walls in areas. This required a joint pre-commencement survey with Degafloor to trial bond tests to the various substrates in various areas to ensure the correct specification for each space. Existing finishes included ceramic tiles, concrete, timber planks, plasterboard, resin, and plywood.

Our partner Degafloor constantly communicated with our teams to ensure the correct specification was applied for each area. As a result, a unique colour mix of flooring was produced to tie in with the club’s fresh new colour scheme and cater to the client’s requirements.

Gradus was introduced to provide specialised LED nosings throughout the nightclub, including stairs and stage edging. In addition, a joint survey was undertaken with the client present to ensure client’s requirements were met.

During this refurbishment project, there was no wastage of existing finishes. MMA resin completely over-coated after preparation, no uplift was required, and there was  no wastage at all in comparison to other floor finishes.


Having operated in the hospitality trade for some 40 years and responsible for many bar fit-outs, we have the problem of finding an effective floor covering. Something that will provide both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting wear and tear in high footfall, challenging environments of busy bars and nightclubs is the constant search for a solution.

Over the last 15 years, I have been specifying resin floor finishes by Veitchi Flooring and found this flooring solution tackles the challenges with outstanding results.

Veitchi has been diligent in specifying a resin solution, and their team of fitters have shown expert professionalism in preparing complex installations leaving a high-quality finish in a timely manner on tight project programs.


The Fubar nightclub in Stirling opened its doors in the early 90s, as the electronic dance scene exploded in Scotland. The club would entice ravers from all over Scotland to dance the night away. Unfortunately, due to the club’s popularity, it was not uncommon to see the odd scuffle break out due to the different clans coming together.

Throughout the 90s and the early 2000s, TripAdvisor said the club was the best and worst nightclub in Scotland. The Fubar is responsible for at least two marriages within the Veitchi company, plenty of divorces and an unknown number of babies.