Meadowbank Sports Centre, Edinburgh

  • Duration
    8 Months
  • Location
  • Client
    Edinburgh Leisure
  • Vinyl Sports Flooring

Veitchi Flooring was an integral part of the Meadowbank Sports Centre project, installing a replica running track at the main entrance. The area is circa 450sqm of Nora Uni Sentica rubber inlay. Nora/Interface was very helpful with technical queries and was happy to provide on-site assistance and guidance during the installation process. This aided in the overall outcome of an eye-catching flooring design that compliments the building.

Additionally, we provided an alternative option for the fitness suite layout. In the original design, there were to be raised lifting platforms fixed on top of the Pliteq GenieMat Fit70 tiles. Veitchi Flooring was asked to provide an alternative design that would allow for Olympic weightlifting. This required hardwood timber inserts –  to provide contrasting stable lifting platforms – and drop zone smash tiles on each side where heavy weights can be dropped. Pliteq assisted in providing a specification that consisted of 5 separate layers to create a contrasting drop zone. In addition, we partnered with GL floors to install the timber flooring to the specifications required. The overall outcome provides the facility with eight separate lifting zones, each with a bespoke integrated design.

Project challenges and how they were overcome?

The new state-of-the-art Meadowbank facility boasts a whole range of different sporting and leisure environments. The sheer scale and size of some areas where new sports flooring was to be installed resulted in difficulties regarding heating/laying temperatures. To overcome this, the principal contractor provided additional temporary heating and set up tarpaulin exclusion zones to help the heat build-up to adhere to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

Partners involved

Nora/Interface: Provided technical advice and assisted with a site survey to ensure the replica running track design would be achieved.
Gerflor: Assisted in providing alternative products to meet specifications when there were stock issues.
Pliteq: Assisted when asked to add the acoustic FF70LDM to our package for the Dojo room subfloor. Also provided the specification for the drop zone tiles within the fitness suite.
GL Flooring: Scotland’s leading hardwood specialist, provided hardwood flooring suppliers & installation services.

Project sustainability

From the beginning, we collaborate with the client and design team to tailor the flooring package to the project specification in order to reduce waste. The project involved using environmentally friendly materials; as well as rubber with solvent-free adhesives, which were selected during product testing to assist in the building’s lifespan analysis.

As part of our ongoing campaign towards sustainability assistance for the construction industry, we coordinate with our clients pre-award to advise on the benefits of pre- commencement checking. For example, we coordinated with the Main Contractor and Concrete subcontractor to agree on and achieve suitable substrate standards, removing the requirement for additional substrate preparation in the form of pre-smooth screed or double screeding. In addition, by identifying critical junction points at an early stage, we can achieve the correct substrate levels before our commencement, negating the need for additional preparation.

Veitchi Flooring runs a 12-month support programme to minimise our waste production on projects, executed in a variety of ways that include:

  1. Donation of waste materials to project Local Sources.
  2. Donation of waste material to CITB for use in training facilities.
  3. Reuse of plastics and containers as “Practical Play” equipment for nurseries and
  4. Recycling of carpet products via a third party to manufacture Biofuel.

Installation summary:

The project completed for Graham Construction will provide Scotland’s capital with a state- of-the-art training and sports venue unlike any other in the UK. Based on a concrete frame with steel sectioned superstructure, this development covers a breadth of flooring specialisations from hardwood, sheet, and carpet tile to lino, vinyl and feature rubber. This allowed the project team both within Veitchi and Graham to extend our working knowledge of products by providing workshops and CPDs along with the client’s pre-commencement to understand, educate and achieve the conditions required to assist perfect delivery. Our early-involvement programme durations were realistic and achievable with float incorporated but not required as we interfaced with preceding and follow-on trades to achieve the completed article. The impact of the finished works can be seen in various ways; from the users of the finished area who will become the next UK Olympians, school children and the locals who now have a community facility, the client who secured additional work due to our performance, and Veitchi who has secured further projects of this type all the way to construction in general which benefits from our continuing education. Meadowbank Sports Center shows the strength in a completed project of the correct standard that we can promote and be proud of.


Veitchi’s reputation as the foremost contractor for top covering in Scotland has only been further justified upon completion of this project.
Bill Williamson – Graham Construction.

Project Overview

The Nora running track is a unique project, with a detailed design requiring crucial interfaces with substrate and partition contractors to ensure the architect’s vision was accurately captured on entering the building.

In addition, the installation included supervision works by the manufacturer to ensure that we met all requirements. This was due to a failed installation on another project which was abandoned with cause undetermined, leaving the client, manufacturer, and Veitchi Flooring with a potential issue of over £250k. Rather than dissolve the relationship, we worked proactively with the manufacturer to ensure that on this project, the care and attention to detail were exemplary, healing previous damage and building on the relationship for years to come.