CTS, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

  • Duration
    19 Months
  • Location
  • Client
  • Principal Contractor
    Balfour Beatty
  • Screed

Working with Balfour Beatty, Veitchi flooring undertook the refurbishment and new build installation of the existing Ninewells hospital in Dundee.

From the outset, our client approached us for logistic and technical assistance to prepare a working programme for this project. Site surveys and substrate testing, along with testing including temperature, RH and surface hardness, were conducted pre-tender to allow a full scope of works to be jointly completed. We then assisted with output, sequencing, curing and logistic experience to prepare an entire construction programme for the refurbishment of the basement area which would become the new Children’s Theatre Suite,  a friendly environment for children in the hospital.

Project Challenges

Working under NHS strict Covid practices, the need for adherence and logistical cooperation with the working hospital was of the utmost importance. The restrictions affected deliveries, working areas and the sequencing of preparation areas to ensure there was no adverse impacts on the running of the hospital. Due to the intricate nature of the build during and post completion, the main contractor received numerous damaged floors leading to additional investigation and remedial works during live working periods to complete remedial and substrate testing. Throughout the build, the requirement to work hand in hand with our supply partners was at the front of our minds due to the existing substrate preparation working on the slabs and screed substrates. An example of this was the discovery of asbestos in the subfloor requiring strict controls and specialist removal before clearance certificates could be issued to allow continuation.

Partnering Contractors included:

  • F Ball
  • Altro


The reuse of the existing hospital facility shows the sustainability approach given by the primary client to provide a newly refurbished building whilst improving the environment for the local children who are unfortunate enough to attend the hospital premises. In addition, our involvement in the pre-construction activities provided valuable technical experience, which contributed to the sustainable approach of the main contractor.

Environmental Considerations

Products were disposed of using the main contractor’s segregated skip systems which provided 99% recycling through their various supply chain partners.

As our efforts to have a positive, factual approach to improving the environment continue, we like to use tangible, simple techniques. Sometimes these are apparent through the principal ethos of how we conduct our works. Ninewells is a prime example of this. Using our local labour to deliver the project, we reduced travel time and carbon footprint associated with the installation.


This installation will improve the care facility for ill children in northeast of Scotland. We were able to deliver a comprehensive project brief for the client, starting with testing, which included our supply chain partners for substrate attending the site, completing invasive testing of the substrate to understand the build-up and determine the best fit for the scope of our works. All works meet a bespoke specification of underlayment and adhesive treatments to minimise the potential for future defects.

Our early warning systems detected the presence of asbestos which had been missed during the survey, and prevented the release of dangerous asbestos fibres into the construction site. Working with our supply partners, Veitchi Flooring oversaw the new flooring installation, and introduced wonderful design techniques to provide visually stunning and engaging premises for the NHS to work in. In addition, the advance works we put in place to assist the contractor in identification, testing and remedial works to the pre-existing and new floor slabs mean that our installation is sound not only for this year but for many to come.

Customer Testimonial

“Veitchi Flooring on this project provided a 1st class service emulating proactive management
technique that assisted the main contractor in the
completion of the works.”

NHS Estate team–Ninewells hospital.